Saturday, October 14, 2017

We definitely need more innovative ways of teaching

This is an inspiring YouTube video and useful teaching resource. Although A-Fu says that the pronunciation is challenging, he has spoken well.  Many people, including some Chinese teachers, say that Chinese is a 'difficult' language. I do not agree. 

There are many reasons why one can master a foreign/second language. Apart from the elements of the language itself (such as pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, etc.), interest, motivation, learning environment, learning methods, and even understanding of
the culture, are key to the success of learning a foreign/second language. Simply saying that Chinese is difficult to learn is not true, and it doesn’t solve the problem either. After all, it is a relative concept. In Spanish, for example, the pronunciation is easy for Chinese learners, because its words are composed of 'syllables'. However, the Spanish grammar is very complicated. Relatively speaking, Chinese characters for many 'foreigners' are hard, but the pronunciation is not difficult. Moreover, the grammar is very flexible and simple. So, I think, when promoting Chinese as a second language (CSL), we should treat speaking/listening and reading/writing separately. After all, they are different skills. A learner who can say 'xie xie' may not need to be able to read or write '

With Chinese becoming more globalised, we definitely need more innovative ways of teaching. 


Saturday, September 2, 2017

《边唱边学》Book 2-6 下雨

《下雨》很适合Weather这个主题。除了单词(如,下雨、雨伞、衣服)以外,还有一些实用的句型,比如 “雨下来了”、“借给他用吧”、“衣服湿了”。这些不容易讲解的句型都可以在自然、流顺的旋律中学会。对于较小的孩子来说,这是一种学习语言很自然的方法。在我个人的教学过程中,不管是十一年级的初学者,九年级的二语学生,还是有华语背景的小学生,都很容易就朗朗上口。再通过《边唱边学》学生用书的练习,学生很快就能够把握这些单词、句型的应用,从而创造出自己的词句。




Saturday, June 17, 2017

扯铃 - 让学生们见识中国传统游戏的奥妙,间接爱上中文

要推广中文教育,鼓励学生学习中文,这应该是一个不错的资源吧!让孩子们见识中国传统游戏的奥妙。很多人爱上中文是因为李小龙的功夫,或是中国菜。‘扯铃’提供了另一种学习的动机 (motivation)。很多孩子因为爱上日本的‘动画’,或是韩国的K-pop, 而开始学习日文或韩文。所以,我深信如果孩子们爱上了某一个中国文化元素,如中文歌曲、电视节目或传统艺术,他们自然会想要学习这个语言。

Friday, March 3, 2017


An excellent teaching YouTube to teach 对不起,没关系
                                              (From 影片分享站)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

人民日报公布一批易错字 - 中文教与学的好资源

学习语言本来就是为了沟通,“发音是否完全准确”本不应该成为沟通的阻碍。能够说一口道地的中文当然很好,但看看我们这些所谓的 ‘Native speakers’,又有多少人讲的像新闻播音员那么精确呢?



Monday, January 16, 2017

Saturday, December 24, 2016

运用office lens让课本“说话”

这是一个很有用的教学工具。学生一旦有了这个App,就能够自己练习听力。从学生自己产生自己的句子(speaking/production),用电脑打出(practising pinyin/reading),经过老师修改(feedback),到印出文本(reading),再用Office Lens练习(自己作品)的听力(listening)。这是一个非常有效的语言学习方式。

Friday, March 25, 2016

A 3.5-hour accredited course by BOSTES - Effective resources (Chinese)

Course title:    Effective resources Differentiated teaching and learning materials for Chinese  Language classes
Targeting teachers
Friday, 01/04/2016
Teachers of K-10 Chinese (Stages 1-5)

Professional learning objectives
This course is to help teachers select, create and use effective and differentiated learning materials to engage students in their learning. To achieve this, teachers not only need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the content but also understand the individual needs of each student. In an Internet era, a wide range of online teaching and learning resources are available and are always free to use. Engaging and differentiated resources and activities are key factors for successful language teaching and learning.

Summary of the course
This course will focus on connecting outcomes with learning materials. It will also assess some teaching and learning resources that will help teachers teach specific courses. Facilitated by Wei Leu, who has extensive knowledge of the syllabus as well as experience of teaching, marking and setting HSC papers.

Course Outline
This course will start with a discussion of teaching Chinese in the 21st  Century
education context. Then an explicit interpretation of the syllabus will be presented, especially the prescribed objectives and outcomes. Participants will be divided into groups to exchange and share ideas regarding teaching and learning resources. They will also work with other participants to identify the connection between culture and language so that they can choose/develop effective resources for developing students’ intercultural  understanding. During this course, some effective and hands-on teaching and learning materials will also be demonstrated and discussed. A Q&A session will provide an opportunity for participants to clarify any issues they may have relating to the effective resources.

Professional Standards for Teachers
2.1.2 Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities
3.4.2 Select and/or create and use a range of resources, including ICT, to engage students in their learning
7.4.2 Participate in professional and community networks and forums to broaden knowledge and improve practice

Sport  Lounge,  CLUB  BURWOOD  RSL,  96  Shaftesbury  Road,  Burwood  2134 (ample parking available at the club)
$220 per person (CLTANSW members), $270 per person (non-members)

Account name: Australian Institute of Business Intelligence Pty Ltd; BSB: 062 000;
Account No.: 14919516

Tel: (+612)94351523, Mob: 0450778170 (Shinki Wang)



□ Public School    □ Private School      □ Community School    □ Others

Please tick the class(es) that you would like to attend:                                                                       
Class fee : $220 per person (CLTANSW members), $270 per person (non-members)

Targeting teachers
(Time: 4:30pm-8:00 pm)
Teachers of K-10 Chinese       (Stages 1-5)
Friday, 01/04/2016

Total payment: _________________

Payment method:

  1. Bank Transfer:
           Account name: Australian Institute of Business Intelligence Pty Ltd;
             BSB: 062 000;
             Account No.: 14919516                   

  1. No refund

Please kindly send your form to, or contact us on 02 9435 1523

鸟瞰中国上源远流长 China from Above Part 1

If you are a Chinese language teacher, you must show this to your students. If you are a student of Chinese language, you must watch this. It provides your students or yourself a brand new perspective -  a real China.